The playground parents love too!


2013 Gold medal

The Boston area’s newest children’s indoor playground attraction wins 2014 Family Favorite “Best Indoor Play Space” from voters of the Boston Parents Paper!  

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Located at 10 Micro Drive in Woburn, MA 01801

PARK at the REAR of the building, on the left side of Planet Fitness. There is no entrance at the front circular parking lot; you would need to walk all the way around.

Call, email, or come on in.

11 thoughts on “The playground parents love too!

    1. Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, we have carpet throughout and most of the play space is padded. Many of our members are actually under one.

  1. This place is huge. My 18 month-old son was so excited about the options that at a point he came down from the slide and started running around in circles in hysterical laughter, not knowing where to go next. He tried so many different carts (in particular the ones that go down a ramp), played with the balls and hoops, knocked building blocks, jumped up and down in the inflatable jungle and tried every single slide. We went there because of a party and although we don’t live too close, we are certainly coming back. Great place.

    1. Julio is right, and that is why we chose Vinkari Safari to have our son’s 2 years old birthday party! I anticipate Thomas the Train slides to be a huge hit.

      Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks to Doug and all the wonderful staff at vinkari for inviting me to be part of their meet and greet . Vinkari safari is a great safe place to take your children for a birthday party or even to play.
    – Batman

  3. Is the cut-off 7 years old? I have a 1 year old that I’d love to take, but my other one is almost 8. Would just like to plan in advance.

    1. Hi and thanks for the inquiry. Most of the toys are manufacturer recommended for 1-5, though there are a few things that a 6-7-8 year old may enjoy. Safety is our bigger concern, so we ask that taller children not enter our very small bounce house, and many other toys also have 35-45 lbs weight restriction. He or she (your 7 year old) is welcome to come and play with some of the other toys. Thanks again for the inquiry and we hope to see all of you soon.

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