Super Saver Safari Party

Option 2 – $399.99 which includes:

  • 1 Hour of Play followed by 1 hour in a private party room for up to 15 children (please limit adults).
  • Each additional child only $12.99
  • Party Coordinator (Full Service, Set Up, Clean Up, Timing, Cake Cutting, Car packing)
  • Themed Banner with Theme Plates and Napkins for the children
  • White plates and napkins for the adults.
  • Tablecloths (colors will be chosen to best match your theme)
  • Cups and White Utensils for both children and adults
  • Numeric Candle
  • 1 Juice Box per child
  • 1 Dry Snack per child
  • 3 Large Cheese Pizzas cut into 12 slices each = 36 Slices
  • 1 $4.99 Melissa and Doug item per child
  • 2 Free Day Passes to the playground for the birthday child

You may bring your own additional outside food and beverages for the adults, or add on additional food through us in advance. Food and Beverages are NOT allowed in the play areas, only in your private party room.

*Your Safari Guide a.k.a your Personal Party Assistant will coordinate your safari from arrival to departure, assist you with carrying your setup in and out, coordinating your food delivery, transporting presents to your vehicle, lighting candles, cake cutting, serving food and drinks, cleanup, timing, and presenting any add-ons when ordered.