Celebrations of any kind.  We can assist with Groups, Awards, Holidays, Family Gatherings, and of course your child’s special day! Don’t forget, Book 4 parties and your 5th is FREE! 

Party Packages include  1 hour of play followed by 1 hour in a private party room for up to 15 children (please limit adults to max 2 per child). Children may return to the public play areas after your time in the private party room (unless your party is scheduled to end when we close).

We do not close the playground to the public for party reservations.


We always get asked “How many people can the private party rooms hold?” to which our answer is always the same, “You should see them in person and decide for yourself, you know your guests better than we do.” Size varies significantly from person to person.  We do have two private parties rooms and one is slightly bigger than the other (roughly only 4 feet longer) however, both rooms will accommodate up to 15 children easily.  If you anticipate just a few extra children at your event, either room will still be fine.  If you anticipate 21 or more children plus 2 adults per child, we recommend the larger room which is only available at specific times. See below.

Labor Day through Memorial Day Party Availability on Saturday and Sunday …..

  • 11 am – 1 pm (room holds 20-26 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 12 pm – 2 pm (room holds 16-20 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (room holds 20-26 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm (room holds 16-20 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 4 pm – 6 pm (room holds 20-26 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 5 pm – 7 pm (Reserved for weather related make ups Labor Day through Memorial Day) (room holds 16-20 children comfortably, depending on age/size)

Memorial Day through Labor Day Party Availability on Saturday and Sunday (playground closes at 4 PM…..

  • 11 am – 1 pm (room holds 20-26 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 12 pm – 2 pm (room holds 16-20 children comfortably, depending on age/size)
  • 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (room holds 20-26 children comfortably, depending on age/size)

We only offer private events outside of normal business hours for an additional $200 per hour added on to your basic package price.  We do not offer private parties during our hours of operation.  For private parties please call or email for more information. The most common private parties occur from 4-6 in the summer and from 6-8 pm in the fall, winter and spring.


Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early; you will NOT have access to the private party room for decorating or set up until approximately 15 minutes before your private party is scheduled to go into it which is typically at least 30-45 minutes after your arrival (the first hour is hosted by you in the playground).  Don’t worry, we will assist you with your entire setup. We would kindly ask you to please limit your own decorations (we can not allow anyone in your group to stand on chairs or benches to hang or tape banners/decorations) as well as….

  • NO Confetti, no crafts, glitter, glue, crayons, markers, et cetera! Not only does this make our jobs difficult, they are choking hazards.
  • NO Wall or Ceiling decorations; table decor and balloons only.
  • NO Balloons allowed in the play areas, only in the private party room.
  • Goodie Bags and balloons (if offered) should be given out at the end of your party (as guests are leaving) to ensure these items do not enter the play areas.

With any package, you are permitted to bring your own outside food and beverages to the facility, however, food and beverages are NOT allowed in the play areas, only in your private party room.  We do have a refrigerator and freezer, as well as an ice machine, however we do not have an oven nor do we allow the use of Sternos. This is worth repeating: We do NOT allow Sternos.

We recommend Giovanni’s Pizza on Main Street in Woburn (781) 932-1331 or  Feel free to add on pizzas through us for $12.25 each ($1 per topping), order directly from Giovanni’s, or order any food from any other food provider/pizza place you love best.  We suggest….

  • Ordering your pizza a few days prior to the event.
  • Request a delivery about 45 minutes after your party is scheduled to begin.
  • Request pizzas be cut into 12 slices (8 is too large and 16 slices are too flimsy).

We want every child’s party to be special, including the child’s party who is scheduled after yours.  This means you should limit your own decorations and please make every effort to exit the private party room on time to avoid an additional charge of $50; we’ll clean up, pack your stuff, so that you and your guests may return to the public play areas.  We kindly discourage opening gifts at your party or the use of pinatas as both usually result in needing additional time ($50) and creates unnecessary clean up for our staff as well as additional waste we must discard.

Please note the following information and please convey it to your guests…..

We recommend ages 6/7 and under. Older children are welcome to attend your party just as adults are, but the majority of play structures are designed and built for much younger children; children older than 6/7 years old are NOT allowed to play on most toys and structures due to height and weight restrictions recommended by the manufacturer.  The birthday child(ren) and all children 8 months or crawling and up are counted toward your 15 children. Any children attending over 7 years old who are playing are also counted.

Your guests can NOT drop off a child and leave; they must stay and supervise that child. If you allow a guest to drop off a child at your event, YOU MUST SUPERVISE THAT CHILD THE ENTIRE TIME.

NO Strollers and NO Shoes are allowed in the playground. Socks are not required, but encouraged, and also available for sale in the playground.

Absolutely NO adults are to go inside the Inflatable device.  Children are also required to remove any eyewear, tiaras, fairy wings, toys, etc., upon entering the Inflatable device.  Yes, even sport approved strapped on “unbreakable” glasses are not allowed.  This is mandated by the Commonwealth of MA Department of Public Safety, The ASTM, Manufacturer, and the Children’s Injury Prevention Center.  Other facilities allow this so we understand your confusion, but allowing adults, eyewear, toys, or any of the mentioned items into the Inflatable is unsafe and can result in serious injury to a child.


Self Safari: $ 299.99

This option is ideal if you are interested in bringing in your own food and beverages. Package price is for 15 Children; each additional child is only $9.99. Please consider that someone in your party may have a food allergy.  We recommend requesting that your guests RSVP with any of those concerns.

  • 1 Hour of Play followed by 1 hour in a private party room for up to 15 children (please limit adults).
  • Each additional child only $9.99
  • Party Assistant (Full Service, Set Up, Clean Up, cake cutting, timing, car packing)
  • Choice of Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Purple Tablecloths
  • Zebra themed Plates and Napkins for the children
  • White plates and napkins for the adults.
  • Cups and White Utensils for both children and adults
  • Numeric Candle
  • 1 Free Day Pass to the playground for the birthday child

Super $aver Safari: $ 399.99 

Save time, effort and money. This option is ideal if you want to sit back and allow us to handle the majority of preparations. Package price is for 15 Children; each additional child is only $12.99.  It includes everything from Self Safari PLUS

  • Themed Happy Birthday Banner with Theme Plates and Napkins for the children
  • White plates and napkins for the adults.
  • Tablecloths (colors will be chosen to best match your theme)
  • 1 Juice Box per child
  • 1 Dry Snack per child
  • 3 Large Cheese Pizzas cut into 12 slices each = 36 Slices
  • 1 $4.99 Melissa and Doug item per child
  • 2 Free Day Passes to the playground for the birthday child to return

Basically, you would provide your own cake/cupcakes and food and beverages for the adults or you may add those items on at an additional cost. See Party Add Ons.

VIP Safari: $ 499.99

This is our signature party; you just bring the cake, camera, and kiddos!

Everything from Self Safari and Super Saver Safari PLUS

  • 1 Hoodsie Ice-cream per child
  • 1 Dozen mixed color latex balloons
  • 1 Case of Water for the adults
  • 3 Additional Cheese Pizzas for the Adults cut into 12 slices each (36 more slices for a total of 72 slices)
  • 1 FREE Five Visit Punch Card for the birthday child


A $100 deposit is required upon party booking. Your deposit for a party reservation will be 100% fully refunded if cancelled 30 days prior to date of reservation.

VinKari Safari thrives when inclement weather occurs, therefore, it is our intention to remain open when we are expected to receive unfavorable outdoor play conditions.  Typically, unless the MA Governor declares a travel ban, or our property management company deems our parking lot or property unsafe, or we feel the conditions are not safe enough to operate, we intend be open.  If you or we feel the need to reschedule your event due to a severe weather prediction,  we will do our best to offer you multiple alternatives.  Since our normal party slots are typically fully booked weeks and months in advance, rescheduled events are typically made up on A-typical time slots, as in 10 am to 12 pm or 5 – 7 pm (both Saturday and Sunday).  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee originally scheduled Saturday parties will be offered the following Saturday or that originally scheduled Sunday parties will be offered the following Sunday, or that the originally requested private party room will be the same private party room offered.  Rest assured, we will do our absolute best to offer to reschedule your event on the subsequent weekends with a few dates and times to choose from.  If we are not able to offer to reschedule your weather related cancelled event on a date and time slot that you prefer, we will gladly return 100% of your deposit.  Please call me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you very much for considering VinKari Safari to host your child’s special day.  Don’t forget, if you host/book any four birthday parties with us (any one of our packages) for any members in your immediate household (siblings are ok, it does not have to be the same birthday child), then your 5th party is on us (Self Safari package for up to 15 children excluding additional children and other add ons or $250 off toward another package). If you choose to host 4 parties but do not want to have a 5th, you are NOT eligible to receive $250 in cash or any other form of credit.