1. Can I drop my children off at the playground and leave?
    No, parents/caregivers MUST STAY and SUPERVISE their child the entire time.  VinKari Safari staff is present and observes the play areas for safety but is not responsible for your child or their behavior.
  2. Do you accept credit and debit cards?  Yes, we accept American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard with a minimum charge of $5.00 as well as PayPal payments.
  3.  Is parking available?
    Yes, VinKari Safari has plenty of FREE parking.
  4.  What is age appropriate?
    VinKari Safari was designed with younger children in mind (crawlers through 6/7 years of age) and most of the toys and games are appropriate and stimulating for these ages.  We understand that all children learn and play differently and that parents/caregivers may have multiple children (infant, toddler, and/or a 6-7 year-old) and our playground and learning center accommodates this range of ages.  As with any indoor or outdoor playground, parents should use caution, good judgement and supervise their children at all times while allowing these ages to play together.  For the safety of all the children, we recommend ages 6-7 months to 6-7 years.
  5. My 7 month old and/or visiting grandmother isn’t going to play or use any resources, so why do you charge for children who are so young or for additional adults? Most other indoor playgrounds are designed and geared toward older children.  We set out to provide a safe playspace for younger children; we have carpet throughout the entire playground as well as thick soft padding. Studies show that some children begin crawling around 6 months of age and some children begin walking around 8 months.  We do recognize that all children are different, therefor, we do hope your infants will also enjoy themselves too.   We are pleased to observe that most parents do allow their infants to sit, play, and/or crawl around in all areas of our playspace (except the Inflatable of course).  Additionally, all persons entering a public place of assembly such as ours (babies, adults, seniors, et cetera) are counted toward the overall occupancy load of our building’s occupancy permit.  We do allow any sibling under 7 months in for free with up to two additional adults for free per 1 child at the normal price of admission as well as offer patrons the ability to leave and re-enter our facility on the same day, something almost no other indoor playgrounds allow.
  6.  How often do toys get cleaned?
    Throughout the day we have staff cleaning (sanitizing and disinfecting) from open to close so that everything gets cleaned every day all day long.  We are also closed on Monday’s for additional deep and thorough cleaning.
  7. Can I bring my child if he or she is sick?  We do our absolute best to keep our facility clean and safe for the enjoyment of all.  We are also a place of “public assembly” much like an outdoor playground, church, or mall, not a daycare. Children and adults inevitably catch “colds” and we do have tissues, trash buckets and hand sanitizers throughout our facility.  Using your good judgement is expected. Persons with contagious illnesses should refrain from entering and our staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to a sick child or adult. If you or your child(ren) are sick we would ask you to please reschedule your visit for another time.
  8.  Do you close the playground for birthday parties?
    No, we never close the playground for private events unless it is before or after our normal business hours or on a day we are closed. We are open to the public 6 days a week.  We do have private rooms for private events.
  9.  Does everyone have to take their shoes off?
    Yes, both children and adults must take their shoes off when entering the play areas please.  Socks are optional but not a must.  Socks are available for sale as well.
  10.  Are strollers allowed? No.
  11.  Can adults jump on the inflatable?
    NO. The Inflatable is recommended only for children aged 3 through 7.  If you need to retrieve a child, please let a staff member know or in the case of an emergency you may enter the inflatable but do not stand, please crawl so that you do not lose your balance and injure a child.
  12. Why are children required to remove eyewear to enter the Inflatable? Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the manufacturer’s instructions, anyone participating in the use in or on an Inflatable device is required to remove eyewear regardless of the durability of the materials for the safety of all riders.  See also, http://www.childinjurypreventionalliance.org/inflatablebouncers.aspx
  13.  Are you closed on holidays?
    We are closed on most holidays, however, on certain Monday holidays we may be open a partial day.  Please call, email, check our webpage or Facebook page for details.  You should also “Like” our Facebook page and then opt to receive notifications. We will always post a notification. Just because you have “liked” our Facebook page, does not ensure that you will receive notifications from us. Facebook requires that you select, “Receive all notifications.”
  14.  Do you offer memberships?
    Yes, we do offer memberships.  See details at Discounts and Memberships page.
  15.  How long can we stay at the playground with a paid admission?
    Play time is unlimited once you’ve paid the admission you can stay till we close and you can also leave and re-enter the same day with proof of visit (Receipt or Punchcard documented).
  16.  Is food allowed in the playground?
    Food and children’s drinks are allowed only in the snack area and private rooms.  There is no food of any kind allowed in the play areas.  The snack area has tables and chairs for your convenience.  The snack room area has a very limited capacity, so please be aware others are waiting to use this area as well. Reserving a table while your waiting for a pizza delivery is frowned upon. Please also make sure you wash or sanitize everyone in your group’s hands before allowing they to re-enter the play areas.
  17.  Can I bring in my coffee/drink or a snack?
    Yes, as long as it has a cover and is kept in hand or on one of the tiled areas. You can not set your coffee down on any toys, walls, et cetera. If left unattended, a staff member will remove it- Sorry.  Snacks are allowed in our snack area only.  Due to the low capacity of our snack area, we discourage bringing lunch or monopolizing a table while you’re waiting for food to be delivered, and we forbid birthday party celebrations and the cutting of cake in our snack area without payment for using our facility. Please understand we are in the business of being compensated for allowing use for this purpose.
  18.  Do you sell food?
    Yes.  We sell a variety of prepackaged snacks and drinks for open play guests, some of which are low sugar, gluten free, or organic.  We are not a “nut free” facility, however, none of the edible items for sale contain peanut or manufactured in a facility that also manufactures nut products.  For parties, we recommend coordinating with a local vendor or we can assist you with your needs and desires depending on the party package you’ve selected.
  19.  What food and drinks am I allowed to bring to my party?
    Whatever food you would like. You should consider that there is a probability that some guests at your party or in the playground may have a peanut or other food allergy.  For this reason, we ask that you not bring any food unlabeled that may contain peanuts.   Any non-alcoholic beverages are allowed as well as non-glass containers.
  20. Can we host a small birthday party celebration in the snack room since we are only going to have a few children? No, more often than not, far less than 15 children show up for parties though patrons paid for 15 children to attend. Celebrating a birthday party and cutting cake in the snack room is unfair to the patrons who paid for use of our facilities.  Additionally, if we allowed use of our snack room for small birthday parties for free, we would not survive.
  21.  Who is responsible for my children?
    You are responsible for watching your own children, their behavior, as well as making sure they adhere to the safety rules of the playground.
  22.  What if someone else’s child is misbehaving and I need help?
    Seek a VinKari Safari staff member immediately if you are unable to resolve an issue with another parent/caregiver.