Walk Ins

VinKari was designed for children approximately 6/7 months old (early crawlers) to 6/7 years old.

“Walk in/drop-in” open play is welcome 6 days a week.

Labor Day through Memorial Day: Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

Memorial Day through Labor Day: Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Monday: CLOSED (Sorry, closed for additional cleaning)  & we reserve the right to close early on nice weather weekdays but always give notice via website, FB, and voicemail).

  • Children: $10.00 each (with 2 adults free)
  • Each additional Adult: $5.00
  • 7 Months and under (if not crawling yet) are free with one paid sibling of $10.00 (sorry, not cousins, not friends, not meet ups, we simply won’t survive)
  • You can NOT drop off a child and leave; you must stay and supervise your child(ren)
  • There are NO SHOES and NO STROLLERS allowed in the playground; ADULTS TOO. You may put them back on temporarily to use the restroom facilities.
  • If your child enters the inflatable you MUST observe them while they are inside it.
  • Absolutely NO ADULTS, EYEWEAR, TIARA’s, FAIRY WINGS, HARD SURFACE COSTUMES, TOYS, et cetera are to go inside the Inflatable device.  Other places allow this so we understand your confusion, but allowing adults or any of these items into the Inflatable is unsafe and can result in serious injury to a child.
5 Visit Punch cards are also available at a discount compared to the normal price of 5 individual drop in visits.  Essentially, pre-paid punchcards reduce the price to only $8 per child per visit or can be viewed as you get one visit free per child!
  • 1 Child 5 Visits: $40.00 ($10 Savings)
  • 2 Children 5 Visits: $80.00 ($20 Savings)
  • 3 Children 5 Visits: $120.00 ($30 Savings)
  • 4 Children 5 Visits: $160.00 ($40 Savings)

*Paid Admission is for that day only; Customers can however leave and come back with that same child on the same day.  Admission is NON-REFUNDABLE.

WALK-IN/DROP-IN OPEN PLAY IS ANYTIME DURING OUR HOURS OF OPERATION:  We do not close the play areas to the public while reserved parties are in session. Last admission is 30 minutes prior to closing.